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AirNet Hvac Furnace Repair Tips

AirNet Hvac furnace repair tips to ensure your furnace is running at its peak performance:

*** Dirt and dust is the number one enemy of your furnace.
*** Have your furnace cleaned annually
*** Inspect or change furnace filter monthly if you are using a
3 month filter this does not mean you do not have to check
or change your filter once a month.
*** Ensure that your thermostat is level and set at a desired
*** Do not store chemicals around your furnace (ie. paints,
solvents and laundry detergents).

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AirNet Hvac leading furnace repair company in Richmond Hill, specializing in furnace repair, fireplace repair , Air conditioning repair and other Heating equipment such as hanging units and electric furnaces. At AirNet Hvac furnace company we are here to provide you with warm winters by way of furnace cleaning, furnace repair and furnace installations.

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